Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

Aufruf an Barack Obama:
Stoppen Sie den Walfang

Heute bekam ich eine Mail vom Earth Day Network, die zusammen mit Greenpeace USA eine Mailing-Aktion gestartet hat, um Barack Obama »wieder auf Kurs« zu bringen.

So wie es aussieht hat man sich im Weißen Haus hinter verschlossenen Türen getroffen, um über eine Abschaffung des Walfangverbotes zu verhandeln. In 2008 hatte Barack Obama versprochen, sich für den Schutz der Wale zu engagieren. Vielleicht hat er das in diesen Gesprächen getan. Falls nicht, sollten ihn unsere Mails daran erinnern, das Richtige zu tun, nämlich auf diesen Unfug zu verzichten. Niemand auf der Welt braucht heutzutage Walfleisch. Und für »Forschung« muss auch kein lebendiges Wesen getötet werden.

Unterstützt die Kampagne, so wie ich es getan habe.
Schreibt Barack Obama eine Mail und sagt ihm Eure Meinung.

Meine könnt Ihr hier lesen:
»Dear President Obama,
As You said »Yes, we can!« I belived in you and again in myself. Therefore I have to thank you, but I am outraged that your Administration is championing a deal with the International Whaling Commission that would re-open commercial whaling for the first time in over two decades.

I'm ashamed that you are supporting such a cruel and unacceptable pro-whaling position when millions of people all around the world are deeply against it.

Don‘t you notice that times are changing a lot? We may not »use« everything around us without giving anything back!

You have got the influence to stop cruelty. There you should say »Yes we can!«. Yes, we can exist without eating animals, without utilising all resources on this beautiful planet, without slave-driving people all around the world just to push up some greedy guys who don‘t care about anything but themselves (by the way, they don‘t care for themselves either – if they would do so, they would have to see, that they do wrong and immediately stop it).

Be the leader that you promised to be by ensuring that the US opposes any deal that would legitimize commercial whaling by granting quotas to Japan and its whaling allies. Instead, I urge you to support Australia's proposal, which would end whaling in the Southern Ocean once and for all. There is very widespread and bi-partisan US support for whale conservation.

Millions of Americans and people from other countries are counting on you and we'll be waiting for a reply.

We are all in the same boat (planet earth), Mr Obama. You have to stop those people who are killing parts of the crew just to raise some bucks! There are other target values that we should reach for. And you know them quite well.

Sincerely yours Katja Kraemer«

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